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So you will always feel looked after.

We care.

Why we're different

We are a dependable, couple run studio who offer a high quality, friendly service designed to fit around you.

How we work


We listen to what our clients want to achieve and then provide a high quality service, tailored to our clients needs. 



"Holloway and Holloway have given us a new fresh way of living in the Victorian house that we have lived in for 18 years, we are thrilled with the use of light, modern contemporary design and open flowing space bringing the outside into the inside all year long. The Attention to detail and customer first principals were always evident whilst working with Holloway and Holloway, even down to a last-minute addition of a hand shower for our dog’s paws when she comes in muddy in the winter months. "

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If you have a project or idea that you would like to explore we would love to hear from you.



When you work with Holloway and Holloway, you are employing us and we are probably a lot like you. We are a young family and we work really hard to build a home that we can be proud of. We know just how important your money is to you and how hard you have had to work for it and we promise we won’t want to waste a penny of it!


All we want to do, is a good job for our clients, so that they are happy at the end of it and they have a beautiful home. It’s as simple as that. We’re not big egos, and we’re not here to fight you until you do things our way. We are friendly and flexible and want to work WITH you, to create you the best possible home for you, not for us or our portfolio.

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This is our company, and we are extremely proud of it, we will do everything in our power to make sure that everyone of our clients is completely satisfied with our service. What’s more as it’s our company it is guaranteed that it will be one of the two of us running your project. You will not be handed over to a junior you’ve never met after our initial consultation. You will not have your Architect leave the company to take another job half way through your project and we will never outsource the work, we do it all ourselves.

​If you want to know more about what it’s really like to work with us then just take a look at our google reviews, we’re very proud of them!

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We are a small business, but we see this as one of our greatest strengths, not a weakness.


As it will always be one of the two of us running your project, you will always have the top level attention to every party of your project, and this makes the difference.


You never have the situation where one person is at the meeting and another undertakes the day to day project and drawing work, this creates problems with communication and things can easily slip between the gaps. It’s just us, we meet with you, we do the drawings, we do the project admin, we answer the phones, we whats app you back at 9:30pm, because we care!

We do it all, it means there is quality in every part of the process and you don’t have to spend your time repeating yourselves, or filling in a new member of the team when your Architect has just left the company!

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Although of course we love to design beautiful projects, they must also be practical for our clients to build. We listen carefully to our clients in terms of what they are trying to achieve and also to what their budget is. We are not the type of Architects who allow their clients to spend their money a design which is fantastic on paper but that they either can't afford or just doesn't suit their lifestyle.

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We pride ourselves on our levels of communication and organisation and it is always something that our clients comment on. We go above and beyond to respond quickly and clearly to our clients and design team to ensure the smooth running of our projects and to guide our clients through their journey. 

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